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Idinaloq - introduction of heroines & space fighters

[Sayuri Isesaki]

Sayuri Isesaki (voice actor: Ayami Kawamoto)

Her mother is Yoko Takano. Her father, Kain, changed Mendelian factor by himself in order to synchronize the over-technology machines. They are resercher of enemy's over-technologies. So Sayuri can synchronize with the machines from her birth.

Activity Space Fighter: Saylen 05
Main ARM is 20mm 3Way photon laser cannon. Fire power is in average. This fighter has top performance about efficiency of gravity force conversion.

EIRIA (voice actor: Riko Kiryu)

She is a lady type artificial human being (development code name XS-1). She has self-growth computer in her brain. So she feel sympathizes with enemies. Her brain is enemy's computer. So she can synchronize with the enemy's over technology machines. In the war, she gets quite aggrieved by the fact that she is a only machine and her brain is for enemies. At the same time, she feels empathy for the fact.

Activity Space Fighter: Phoenix 02
Main ARM is 20mm 2Way photon laser cannon. This fighter's fire power is slightly weak. But this is highly maneuverable. The efficiency of gravity force conversion is high.
[Irene Tirrel]

Irene Tirrel (voice actor: Umi Inaba)

The blind girl with powerful ESP capacity. Irene's father who are Tirrel Co. chief executive officer and Lieutenant Colonel Ellipse (Captain Ellipse) are the best friend. Although it is possible to perform ESP to graviton energy conversion by the self-multiplication type computer, since it is possible to perform the conversion infinitely, the airframe is equipped with limitter.

Activity Space Fighter: Solcier 04
Main ARM is 16mm 4Way photon laser which covers a large area. Although gravity force conversion effectiveness is usually pressed down by limitter at the level, the shield engine performance is improving with ESP control.

Formera Cordis (voice actor: Umi Inaba)

The leader-existence of Idinaloq currently adored by the friend from the calm judgment in battlefield and a cheerful temperament. Although elected as a test pilot, with preeminent command capacity and a preeminent control technique, it is involved in accident while inspecting engine experiment, and a large injury which loses bodily is undertaken. Although a life is suspended by compensating by machine the body lost with the mechanization technique, she without special capacity worries about the capacity difference with a friend except a great portion of body being a machine.

Activity Space Fighter: Undine 01
The conversion effectiveness of gravity force and mobility, and which thought fire power important sharply to exchange. There are some which watches an eye in the fire power of Twin photon laser, 40mm.
[Tomomi Oda]

Tomomi Oda (voice actor: Riko Kiryu)

She is an operator, maybe :-)

Activity Space Fighter: N/A?

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